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Security in Offices

Providing physical protection for offices is crucial for every business, regardless of size. No matter where your office is sited, on a major business park or operating as a small stand-alone unit, it is essential that it is secure and safe from intruders. Furniture and fittings can be replaced – but imagine the cost if you lost invaluable data stored on computers or filed away simply because your overall security was inadequate.

Doors and Windows

The most obvious risk areas are doors and windows: at weekends and evenings in particular, any office is vulnerable from a security aspect. However, HAG has developed a number of simple but highly effective product solutions within its roller shutter ranges to ensure that these potential high risk entrances are fully and suitably protected. The value of the product is that it can be added to existing buildings and designed to suit each individual environment. If you are looking to upgrade the security of your office, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

• the protection level offered by the product
• aesthetic value such as light management and shading requirements
• colour co-ordination
• ease of operation. 

HAG offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of built-on products that can be retro fitted to existing buildings for optimum risk protection.

Medium Level Security

Roller shutter can be easily installed to existing doors and windows, with a wide selection available to suit any environment. The aluminium Seceuro range, (including the Seceuro CD150 Roller Shutter and Seceuro CD60 Built On Roller Shutter) offers medium level security and meets the requirements for both protection and aesthetic appearance. The shutters are manufactured with variations that include foam filled to increase insulation properties, perforated and punched aperture with varying finishes that make this type of product versatile and durable for most types of apertures.

Seceuro Built On Roller Shutters

High Level Security

High security for offices is provided through the Armourguard C1, the most versatile of all roller shutters in the HAG portfolio, capable of many design variations to suit site requirements. Solid 76mm curved galvanised steel sections are available in three thicknesses to suit the size of opening and security level. As one of the most popular models, the Armourguard C1 is widely used in commercial and industrial applications and provides optimum protection for doors and windows.

Armourguard C1 Roller Shutters

Fire Exit Doors

In order to ensure that offices comply with all relevant legislative requirements for fire exits, HAG has manufactured the Armourdoor Fire Exit Steel Door AD10, constructed from 1.2mm zinc protected steel sheets joined together in a bonding process with a choice of infill (honeycomb core, rock wool or solid timber) dependant on insulation and security requirements. This door is supported by a 1.6mm profiled zinc protected steel frame and is available powder coated from a standard range of colours.

Armourdoor Fire Exit Steel Door AD10

To help you make the correct specification choice HAG has developed its unique Product Selector (click on the link to the right). Simply enter your requirements and choose from our extensive range of products.

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