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HAG Online Service Manager

HAG is introducing the first online managing service for the door industry. The HAG Online Service Manager (OSM) allows us to continue to deliver our installations, repair and maintenance services to the highest of customer care and efficiency standards, whilst helping to improve the speed of communication at which they are delivered.

An industry first, this innovative technology will make repair, maintenance and installation information easy to access and allow live online tracking of jobs. The HAG OSM aims to improve response time and reduce the number of site visits by the use of pre-recorded asset information and history being recalled by site engineers.

Our HAG OSM provides the following benefits:

  • A System for Facility & Estate Managers
  • Managing Door Assets Across Multiple Sites
  • Engineers equipped with their own PDAs
  • Live Status Updates
  • Simple to use Web Portal
  • Easy to Track KPI’s
  • PPM, Repair and Installation Scheduling

The System

The HAG OSM provides a system that is incredibly easy to use. Customers no longer need to telephone or e mail to action or request updates for repair, installation or maintenance calls instead simply access the OSM to view live updates or log new calls.

Clients can easily manage and maintain hundreds of assets across multiple sites and multiple contracts via the OSM, all accessible through the one client account.

Once a site is selected the system provides asimple form, where you can outline the service or repair required detailing faults and problems against the site asset.

All site assets can be barcoded and preload’s on to the OSM, recording its type, serial numbers and location, so identification is made easy for site personnel and engineers.

Once the call is submitted an automatic email confirmation is provided to the client ensuring confidence and security that their HAG key account manager has received the call request.

The key account managers at head office will promptly allocate the call electronically to local HAG engineers via the PDA system and vehicle tracking.

All HAG engineers are issued with PDA devices.  These PDAs allow tracking of time spent travelling and time on site, thus providing real time information back to the OSM for instant client communication and status updates.
Clients have instant access to KPI information including response times, time on site, 1st time fix, parts used, jobs on hold, parts required, and many more.

An Itemised history for each asset is built up over time, recording its installation, annual maintenance and reactive repairs. This is all accessible by both the client in the OSM and the engineer with their PDA on site. This will reduce the requirement for site engineers attending to check specification requirements and ensure the best possible chance of arriving on site with the correct part ready to repair and install first time.

Improvements with fault diagnosis are also made through the quick access of previous engineer notes highlighting possible re-occurring problems or faults.

Our OSM system provides an easy and effective way for your business to manage the installation, maintenance and reactive repairs of your door assets across multiple sites.

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