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CE Compliance

CPD – Construction Products Directive

The CPD 89/106/EEC is one of the New Approach Directives. This means its aim is to allow the free movement of construction products across Europe.

The CPD is a product specific set of standard so rather than a generic risk assessment based standard applying to all machinery, each product has its own set of specific standards.

Out of the 21 New Approach Directives that call for CE marking, 5 apply to roller shutters.

To comply with a New Approach Directive you must satisfy the "essential requirements" of the directive.

Third party testing, standards and risk assessments are methods by which compliance is achieved.

Product standards

There are several product standard that specifically apply to Industrial, Commercial, Garage Doors and Gates

BS EN 13241-1:2003

Industrial, Commercial, Garage Doors and Gates

  • Part 1 Products without fire resistance or smoke control characteristics

Main product standard which call up the supporting standards

BS EN 12453:2001

Industrial, Commercial, Garage Doors and Gates

  • Safety in use of power operated doors – requirements

includes operational safety of power operated doors including 'Drawing in' Limitation of forces’ and the drive system.

BS EN 12604:2000

Industrial, Commercial, Garage Doors and Gates

Mechanical Aspects – Requirements and Classification.

  • Covers the mechanical design of the product including strength calculations, safeguarding against dropping, manual operation forces.

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