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Fire Shutters, Fire Curtains Applications

With high levels of security at the forefront of industrial and commercial building design, it’s important to consider the security features of doors and windows. A fire shutter is a safety device that, when installed on your commercial premises, can provide high levels of security against fire, as well as hold all the benefits of more traditional roller shutters

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, business premises must demonstrate suitable consideration towards fire safety. Understand Where should the fire shutters be located? Where should the fire doors be located?

It is a legal requirement to create a safe evacuation route in your commercial premises, however it is used. So that individuals can exit the premises with ease when an alarm sounds, or a fire occurs, your designated team member should create an evacuation plan that complies with the UK government’s requirements.

With many people frequenting public transport stations, it is essential to keep the areas safe and secure both when in use and when not.

Installation of fire safety equipment doesn’t only keep your premises protected from the outbreak of fire, it can also help you meet the requirements of insurance providers and lower your insurance costs.

Fire and smoke curtains installed to protect against and delay the spread of fire must comply with British Standards.

All non-domestic premises are required under UK law to make sure that they operate in a fire safe manner. This not only includes occupants carrying out annual fire drills and risk assessments, but also ensuring that the building has installed appropriate fire safety equipment.

During the construction or modification of any premises, it is necessary to assess whether the building provides adequate fire safety, and what fixtures can be installed to protect the premises and prevent the spread of fire.

It is the duty of a school to provide suitable protection for its occupants in regards to fire safety. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, educational premises must demonstrate the efforts they put into their fire safety.

Smoke curtains are capable of providing a more than adequate level of protection for many situations. They have a range of other characteristics that set them above some other types of fire guards.

The Fireguard Smoke Curtain SC120 is a new product from HAG that has already been installed in high profile buildings such as the MARCUS restaurant in Knightsbridge. There are subtle differences between the SC120 and the Fireguard Curtain FC120 that will affect which one is the more suitable choice for your property.

HAG have recently completed a contract installing fire curtains during the refurbishment of celebrity chef Marcus Wareing’s restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

The threat of fire is an area of concern for all businesses as a breakout that causes loss of stock, damage to building structure, and even harm to employees can lead to a business being unable to recover.

Named after the iconic Liverpudlian Radio 1 DJ who lived much of his life Suffolk, the new John Peel Centre for Creative Arts (JPCCA) fittingly hosts an eclectic mix of art and music for the local community in Suffolk. The building is a conversion of the old Corn Exchange at the heart of Stowmarket’s historic town centre.

It's a sign of the evolving nature of commercial buildings that fire safety is now a primary element in building design. But it's no longer enough to include bolt-on safety measures.

Most businesses consider carefully how to protect their premises from intruders and vandalism, but many overlook the extensive damage that fire can cause. Installing a high-quality fire shutter could enable you to kill two birds with one stone.

While some roller fire shutters can make your business look unattractive and unwelcoming, others are custom-made to protect your property without becoming an eyesore. The level of fire protection also varies from a one-hour fire rating to a four-hour fire rating.

If you're considering installing a security barrier inside a building, have you considered opting for a fire shutter?

Fire protection is paramount in designing today's work spaces and industrial premises. It's one of the few things that takes precedence even over security.

Of course, many industrial doors and closures can deal with fire safety and security concerns at the same time. But the parallel requirements can lead to some confusion. Should you specify high performance, high security fire shutters throughout? Or would a fire curtain be a better choice in some locations?

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