Top Benefits of Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtains are capable of providing a more than adequate level of protection for many situations. They have a range of other characteristics that set them above some other types of fire guards. We’ve compiled the main benefits to help you decide whether this type of fire protection is best for your building.

Firecuard Smoke Curtain Increased Safety

This is of course the most important benefit. Our Fireguard Smoke Curtain FC120 is designed to have fire integrity of up to two hours, protecting both individuals and the building itself. It’s specifically designed to prevent the flow of smoke from one area to the next – the silicone coated fibreglass fabric swells when heated to form a barrier that heat and smoke particles cannot permeate. This allows for people in the building to evacuate without being affected by smoke or fumes.

Accessible in Emergencies

Although it’s possible to install them with guiderails, it’s also possible to install them so they simply overlap with the surrounding wall. A smoke or fire curtain installed in this way will work just as well, but can be easily pushed aside to allow access in an emergency. They are ideal for crowded or public buildings where easy escape routes are desirable.

Firecuard Smoke Curtain Legislation

Employers and business owners have a duty to provide adequate fire protection wherever it is practicably possible. Safety measures such as installing smoke curtains go a long way towards helping businesses comply with UK legislation as outlined by the government.


The curtain fits into a slim box casing that sits out of the way above your doors or hatches and can be coloured to blend in with your walls, dropping automatically only when it is needed.

Firecuard Smoke CurtainConvenience

This subtle design also makes it perfect for areas where space is important. Hospitals for example could benefit from this type of fire protection, as heavy fire doors or shutters need frames and guide rails that reduce the width of the corridor. This could cause problems when moving beds and wheelchairs. 

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