3 Reasons to Buy an Automatic Door

Automatic DoorHAG provide a range of automatic doors that are perfectly suited for businesses whose exits and entrances are in frequent use, along with those that contain areas of restricted access. The range includes sliding and swing doors for external and internal applications, along with barriers and high speed doors suited for external use in car parks. There are multiple benefits to having an automatic door installed in your premises, but here are the top three reasons to buy an automatic door.

Automatic Door Provides Ease of Access for All

Automatic doors fitted to the exterior of your premises provides a convenience for all entering or exiting the building. The Equality Act 2010 (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) requires all businesses to make reasonable adjustments to their property to allow those suffering from physical disabilities to easily access a building. Installation of an automatic door can help businesses meet with this legal requirement, and helps those with pushchairs, or those with heavy or larger items access the building.

Automatic Door Secure

The automatic doors we provide deliver a good level of security. Our standard AS range automatic sliding doors have a built in radio receiver, with additional security devices such as a keypad entry system, reception desk button, and remote control units available to be added depending on the level of security your premises requires. This allows for restricted and controlled access to the building, or particular areas within the premises, making it safe and secure.

Automatic Door Aesthetic Qualities

Automatic doors compliment the aesthetic qualities of both old and modern architecture. Both swing and sliding automatic doors are able to have a polyester powder coating. This coating comes in a range of 500 RAL and BS colours to suit the existing style and colour scheme of the premises, and is also an anti-corrosion and protective coating.


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