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Armourdoor® Blast Steel Door AD50

  • Armourdoor Blast Steel Door AD50
  • Armourdoor Blast Steel Door AD50


The Armourdoor Blast Door AD50 is a high security blast protection door. It is constructed from 1.5mm zinc protected steel sheets joined together in a bonding process with a solid timber core.

The door frame is manufactured from 1.6mm profiled zinc protected steel. The Armourdoor blast door is tested to BS EN 13124-2 (EXR2 & EXR3) and has been tested to withstand up to a 12kg charge detonated 5.5m away from the door.

Common Use:

The Armourdoor Blast door AD50 is for commercial and industrial applications to protect against explosions. Common installations are plant and equipment rooms, generator rooms, electrical sub stations, police stations and hospitals. The AD50 can be installed internally or externally.

These doors are very specialised and we would recommend discussing your requirements with one of our specialists.


Single openings from 690mm to 1390mm
Double openings from 1290mm to 2600mm
All at heights up to 2900mm

Security Level:





The Armourdoor Blast Door AD50 is available powder coated from a standard range of colours. Wood grain, PVC laminate and stainless steel are available.

Specification of Build:

The AD 50 has a steel door leaf thickness of 50mm and an infill composed of solid timber with integral steel stiffeners.

Door frame constructed from folded 1.6mm Zintec/aluzinc steel.

The blast door is supplied with a variable sub-frame to allow up to 30mm tolerance for site installations.

The frame is fitted with dog bolts as standard.

The door is supplied with a standard 15mm rebated threshold. Driveable thresholds are available on request.

The door blades are fitted with an anti-jemmy astragal


High security triple point sash lock with high security cylinders. Locks are protected to reduce risk of key copying.

HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement. Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering.

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